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Body Worlds Amsterdam

Body Worlds

"The 'Body Worlds' exhibitions were created by German anatomy professor Gunther von Hagens in the early 1990s and have since been shown in several cities around the world.

The Amsterdam exhibition, often marketed as 'Body Worlds: The Happiness Project', focuses on how human happiness affects our health.

It explores scientific aspects of what makes us happy and how happiness affects our physical and mental health. Is there a formula for happiness? What are the effects on our well-being? Which chemicals are involved?

'Body Worlds' is part of a global exhibition series that showcases preserved human bodies and body parts that have been prepared through a process called plastination.

This process preserves the bodies to show them in different positions and activities. The exhibition aims to educate visitors about the functions, health and diseases of the human body.

Body Worlds will teach you all about human anatomy: the strength, defense mechanisms and vulnerabilities of the human body. The theme of the BODY WORLDS exhibition is 'The Happiness Project'.

In the Human Body Museum Amsterdam you will find over 200 anatomical models, made from real plastinated bodies. They will give you a unique insight into the effect of happiness on the human body.

The exhibition is known to provoke discussions on ethics, science and art, as it uses real human bodies that have been donated for scientific and educational purposes.

It offers a unique insight into the anatomy of the human body and serves as an educational resource to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


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