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Lean Bridge / Skinny Bridge

Amsterdam's brother

Amsterdam, with its many canals, has over 1,500 bridges, many of which are of historical and architectural interest.

Here are some of the most famous and iconic bridges in the city:

Skinny Bridge (Smala source)

This charming wooden suspension bridge over the Amstel River is one of Amsterdam's most photographed and famous bridges. The original bridge dates back to the 17th century, but the current structure was built in 1934.

Blauwbrug (Blå bron)>

Located over the Amstel River, it connects the Rembrandtplein district with Waterlooplein. Although the current bridge dates back to the 19th century, there has been a bridge on this site since the 17th century. It got its name from an earlier blue wooden bridge that once stood on the same spot.

Gate lock

Built in 1648, this is one of the oldest and widest bridges in Amsterdam. It spans the Singel Canal and is characterized by one of the city's few remaining medieval towers.

Python Bridge (Pythonbron)

This is one of the newer bridges in the city, completed in 2001. It is known for its red winding shape, which resembles a python.

Steel masters' bridge

Located on the Groenburgwal, this picturesque bridge provides an iconic view of the Zuiderkerk, making it a popular photo spot.


Another suspension bridge, this time over the Nieuwe Herengracht, is distinguished by its green color schemes.

The Seven Bridges

(The seven bridges)
This is a unique view in Reguliersgracht where you can see seven bridges in a row, if you stand at the right angle. In the evening, when the bridges are illuminated, it offers one of the most picturesque views in the city.

Berlage Bridge

Designed by the famous architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage, this steel girder bridge crosses the Amstel River. It is known for its architectural style and was opened in 1932.

High Lock

This drawbridge, which crosses the Amstel River, is one of the larger bridges in the city and has a complex structure with many opening mechanisms.

Jan Schaeferbrug

Inaugurated in 2001, this modern bridge in the Oosterdok area connects KNSM Island with the rest of the city.

Paper mill sluice

An older lock bridge located on the Lijnbaansgracht. Although not as large as some of the other bridges, it is filled with charm and history.

Narrow Wormerbrug

A modern pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Zeeburgerpad that offers a nice view of the water.


Located near the NEMO Science Museum, this bridge offers great views of the water and the surrounding areas.


This bridge in the eastern part of the city goes over the Ringvaart and is mostly for pedestrians and cyclists.

Westerdoks Bridge

A modern, retractable bridge over the Westerdok, providing a vital link between the northern and southern parts of the city.

Every bridge in Amsterdam has its own history and charm. Walking or cycling through the city and discovering these bridges is part of the unique experience of exploring the Dutch capital.

Blauwbrug (Blå source): Amsterdam



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