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Red neon Coffee Shop sign

Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are different types of cafes where you can legally purchase and smoke cannabis. Lighter drugs are legal in Holland and people gather in Coffee shops to meet and smoke cannabis in a relaxed atmosphere. Different Coffee shops are very different.

Some have alcohol licenses and play lively music, while others are quiet and sell coffee. You don't have to be 18 to be in a Coffee shop, but to buy cannabis you must be. There are no heavier drugs available and this is strictly forbidden.

Some Coffee shops also ban cell phones and headgear. Anyone behaving aggressively is immediately thrown out. Tourists should bear in mind that the local low-priced varieties of cannabis are usually very strong.

Buying drugs from street dealers is not allowed and you should be aware of this.

Do not buy drugs on the street in Amsterdam.

Do not buy drugs on the street in Amsterdam.

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