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Nightlife in Amsterdam is known for its vibrancy and diversity. The city offers something for everyone, from trendy nightclubs and bars to more relaxed pubs and cafés.

The Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein areas are popular for their rich variety of night-time activities.

Whether you're looking for dancing, live music or a quiet evening with friends, Amsterdam has something to offer.

Café Alto

This cozy jazz club is located on Leidseplein in the center of Amsterdam. The club is easy to find as a large saxophone adorns the facade. On stage, modern jazz is played live every night by both nationally and internationally known artists. Many great jazz legends have performed at Café Alto. The club is small and cozy, and is mainly decorated in brown and wood.

You can sit at the bar or at one of the tables and drink a beer or maybe a whiskey. The club is the only one in the whole of Amsterdam that plays jazz every night of the week, attracting locals and tourists alike.

The club opens at 21:00 every night and the live music starts at 22:00. On weekdays they close at 03:00 and on weekends at 04:00. Admission is usually free, but for special artists, the cost may vary depending on who is playing.

Bourbon Street

This is a blues club clearly inspired by a classic music street in New Orleans. Every night of the week there is live music in the form of blues and sometimes jazz. Sometimes the club is visited by world-famous blues musicians, but it is mainly local talent that plays there.

A few days a week they hold jam sessions at the club, where you can try your hand at playing with one of the bands.

The club's list of beers is very long and spans the globe. The atmosphere is always lively and cheerful and everyone who visits the club is passionate about music and it shows. The club is open Sunday to Thursday from 22.00 to 04.00. On Fridays and Saturdays they are open from 22.00 to 05.00.


Escape is Amsterdam's largest and most popular club. Locals and tourists alike gather here every night to dance, socialize and have a good time.

Theme nights include hip hop, house and techno. The atmosphere is lively and you'll never be bored here. The club consists of three floors, all in different colors.

It has four large dance floors and six bars. Order your favorite drink and dance the night away with your friends. You can also sit separately if you want to socialize with your company in peace and quiet.

The club is open Thursday to Saturday, 23.00-05.00 and on Sundays 23.00-04.30. The entrance fee is about 150 SEK, so you get a lot for your money.

Jimmy Woos

This is Amsterdam's most lavish club. Everything shines and glitters inside and the bar is made of marble. The venue holds 600 people and after midnight it is usually full. The club is very popular and the only way to get in is to be on the list.

Once inside, take time to admire the grand design. The club consists of two floors, the upstairs is a luxuriously decorated lounge in black with animal details.

The basement is a huge dance floor with an awesome sound system and lighting. On weekends Jimmy Woo is open 23.00-05.00, otherwise they usually close at 03.00. The entrance fee is about 100 SEK.


This is perhaps Amsterdam's most special club. The venue is an old church and this is evident in the decor. The club also has a large dance stage and some evenings it hosts dramas and dance performances. At Paradisio, there is always something new going on and it is mostly very young people who go there.

The atmosphere is high at all times and you can choose between having a drink at the bar or dancing on the huge stage. The dance lighting looks great with the large colored church windows and inside the club is mostly dark wood. The music is quite mixed but dominated by dance music such as house and techno.

The converted sister

A nice pub offering the best beer in Amsterdam. The place was originally built by nuns who claimed that the drinking water was too poor. Klosterölet, as it is called, dates back to 1544. The interior is mostly wooden and the walls are decorated with paintings in all sorts of colors and shapes.

The staff is very friendly and accommodating, as is the whole atmosphere there. It is mostly locals who go to De bekeerde suster and it can be nice to get away from the real tourist routes for a while.

The age of the visitors varies from 18 to 70 years old. The pub is definitely worth a visit and the beer is very affordable.



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