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Indian Thali at Saravana Bhavan restaurant in Amsterdam

Restaurants in Amsterdam

It's not just pancakes that are on the menu.

Food experiences in Amsterdam

The Pancake Bakery

This is a large pancake house that can be found all over the world. This is the ultimate place to bring the whole family for lunch as it offers something for everyone. You get to decide how you want your pancakes and there are almost no restrictions. You can eat pancakes with ice cream, chocolate sauce or syrup but also with raisins, bacon or olives.

You decide and the chefs simply cook. They also have really good desserts, with pies and chocolates of all kinds dominating the list.

With food, you can drink soft drinks in a variety of flavors or even a giant milkshake. The atmosphere is lively and lovely and the design is in colorful patterns and colors. They also offer play corners for children where they can build lego and play with other children.

Night Watch

This is a large and exclusive restaurant where you are always greeted with a cheerful smile. The staff are very competent and always happy to help you. They claim to have the best honey-brushed ribs in Europe, and that may well be true.

The menu is otherwise very similar to the American one, with lots of fried meat and fried potatoes. If you do not want to eat meat, they offer a large ceasar salad with fresh bread.

The fish is also really good and you can eat both grilled fish, fried shrimp and lobster. The portions are really big and if you're not that hungry, it's great to share a meal with your company.

They have a wide range of wines and beers to accompany your meal, and after you've eaten you can always sit at the bar for a good drink. The dessert menu is dominated by pies and coffee drinks.

Fuoco Vivo

Fuoco Vivo is a pizzeria with extremely good pizzas. What I miss most from Amsterdam.

The Blue Tea House

A really cozy park café, located in Vondelpark. The shape is the same as a big saucer and the bar has a very funny design. You can both sit inside the special building and sit outside in the fresh air of the park.

Here you can enjoy sandwiches and salads in all kinds of flavors. They offer pastries, pies, ice cream and cakes in all colors and shapes.

You can order all kinds of coffee, as well as drinks, beer and wine. You can sit here for hours and just look at the surroundings and the coffee is also really good. In the evening, there is a simple dinner restaurant where you can choose between some meat and fish dishes.

The atmosphere is bohemian and the café attracts all kinds of people. On a sunny day, the park is definitely worth a visit.

The Heron

This is a cozy little neighborhood restaurant, located in the Jordaan district a few blocks outside the city center. What is special about the restaurant is that the menu is new every day. Examples of what it has included are swordfish, marinated portobello with goat cheese and mustard sauce, freshly baked bread and de Koninck on tap. A common feature of all days is that the menu is varied and offers a lot of different things.

Although they change the menu every day, the food is of very high quality and the chefs are very competent. The interior is decorated in dark colors and there are paintings by Vincent Van Gogh on the walls.

Their list of beers is long and extends all over the world. De Reiger is a very nice place to gather with your loved ones for a good meal and a nice chat.

Supper Club

A very special restaurant that attracts all sorts of people from all over the city. The restaurant is very popular and it might be a good idea to book in advance. Instead of sitting at a table like most restaurants around the world, you lie on white mattresses and eat.

At the same time, movies are shown on the giant screens all over the walls. The basic idea of the restaurant was not to rush the food, but to make every meal a quiet moment.

The menu includes all sorts of things, such as beef fillet with baked potato and red wine sauce and fried salmon with lemon marinade and shredded potatoes. After dinner there is dancing and the atmosphere is always great. If you are looking for a special experience, this restaurant is definitely the place to go.

The Greenhouse

This is a very nice gourmet restaurant in Frankendael park, just outside the center of Amsterdam. The restaurant is located in a greenhouse where lots of sun and light comes in. The temperature in the greenhouse is always warm even if it is raining or windy outside.

The menu is very different and changes daily depending on the season and harvest.

The most common are sandwiches and salads of various kinds. Picking your own small dishes from the menu is also popular. They also offer a lot of good wines and drinks with fresh berries and fruits.

The people who come to you are mostly a bit younger and live in Amsterdam. The staff is very nice and always listens to your wishes. It is really worth visiting De Kas, as it is one of the most cozy restaurants in Amsterdam.


This is a very uniquely designed restaurant located in a beautiful old wooden church. Once upon a time the church was used as a stable for some of Napoleon's horses.

The restaurant has a lot of history and on the walls there are paintings with accompanying texts telling what happened here throughout history. The friendly staff are also happy to tell you stories about the beautiful building.

The restaurant has a very cozy outdoor terrace where you can sit in the sun and have lunch consisting of a variety of delicious sandwiches. In the evening you can have a gourmet dinner and choose from a large variety of dishes, both Dutch and from the rest of Europe.

Their list of wines and liqueurs is long and there is something for every taste. Moko is perfect for the history buff looking for a good meal.


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