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Tulip fields outside Amsterdam

Buy tulips in Amsterdam

Tulips and tulip bulbs as souvenirs

You can buy tulip bulbs and bring them home to grow a piece of Holland in your own garden or perhaps indoors.

The Netherlands is the center of tulips, so you can look forward to being able to choose incredibly beautiful colors and varieties of tulips that are hard to find in Sweden.

The tulip as a Dutch flower

How come we see tulips as Dutch flowers? The truth is that the flower originated in Central Asia.

But the botanist Carolus Clusius caused a kind of tulip revolution in the Netherlands in the 17th century.

When he started growing tulips in Holland, it didn't take long for locals to take a liking to the flower.

Many people spontaneously started collecting and trading tulip bulbs and prices rose to insane levels.

There was inflation in tulips. Some became very rich from their "investments" while others lost everything they owned in the Great Tulip Collapse of 1637.

Thus tulips were forever associated with Holland and cultivation has continued with wonderful results in the form of gardens and nurseries where you can buy cut flowers and bulbs.

Tulips are a great souvenir

It's not just things like clogs and Gouda cheese that are high on your souvenir shopping list when you go to Amsterdam.

Once there, don't miss out on visiting local flower markets where tulips are plentiful.

If you don't think it's worth buying cut flowers that will wilt on the way home, you can buy tulip bulbs as a souvenir.

Grow your own in your garden or give it to someone else who has this interest.

Tulips are a living souvenir from Amsterdam that, in the form of flower bulbs, are not at all difficult to take with you.

At the flower market you can see what the finished flowers will look like. Either as finished specimens or in pictures, which makes it easy to choose.

Some useful tips for buying tulips in Amsterdam

There are nice tulip farms in several places and the large flower market in the city is not your only choice.

For example, you can go to Flevoland, which is northeast of Amsterdam. There are very large tulip farms to visit and buy from.

Outside Leiden, Keukenhof is a very famous park with flowers. You can go here to see the splendor during the spring months (between March and May).

If you come at another time, you can buy tulip bulbs but it is especially in April that you can see tulips blooming in parks and fields.

If you can, it's better to go to Flevoland or Leiden and avoid the floating flower shop on the Singel canal.

It is often featured in tourist brochures in Amsterdam but can actually become something of a tourist trap during the high season.

It gets crowded, so you might as well buy your tulips from a kiosk on one of Amsterdam's bridges. That's what the people of Amsterdam do!

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